Name: Chloe

Been a Swimming Teacher for: Since February 2019.

What made you want to be a teacher? Swimming has always been a really important thing in my life and I learned that others around me were unable to swim or really struggled with it, so I wanted to show them that swimming is actually a really enjoyable life skill that you can learn to love.

What is your favourite skill to teach? Anything to do with butterfly – it is my own best swimming stroke so I really enjoy helping others learn to enjoy it and get better at it.

Which stage do you think is the hardest? I think stage 4 is probably the hardest as you are often in a new part of the pool which is deeper and can be quite tricky to get used to however once you have mastered that, all the other stages become so much easier!

Have you got a funny swimming story? I am really REALLY afraid of sharks so whenever I am swimming a race I imagine there is a shark swimming after me and I have to out swim it and finish the race the quickest so I can get out of the pool asap!

Where in the world would you like to swim? My dream place to swim is the Hierve El Agua springs in Oaxaca, Mexico

Tell me something interesting about you? I have swum competitively since the age of 9, which has led me to have been able to compete and train in multiple different countries around the world!