Customer guide – covid – 19


In response to the Covid 19 pandemic and the great news that we can re-start swimming lessons we have completed a risk assessment in consultation with our swimming teachers and on full review of industry and government guidance. We are pleased to confirm that we are Covid compliant and ask that all customers coming to a KickStart Swim Academy follow the steps below.

We have reduced the numbers of people that can visit us at one time and have implemented new systems and processes. This, along with feedback from customers will be reviewed after the first lessons take place and adjustments may be made.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates

Steps to follow 

A Covid-19 Health Questionnaire MUST be completed by all swimmers prior to your first visit

Only come to lessons if you and everyone in your household have no Covid – 19 symptoms

Only one parent / carer can accompany a child to swimming lessons

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start time of your swimming lesson

Always respect social distance while attending the swimming lessons and follow the one-way system.

Please arrive for your lesson beach ready, the changing rooms will not be available prior to the lessons. They will be available at the end of the lessons to dry off and get changed to go home. This approach means that we can follow social distance rules

There are two changing rooms for male swimmers and two changing rooms for females

Boys over the age of 8 years of age and all other male accompanying adults and swimmers must use the male changing rooms and girls over the age of 8 years of age and all other female accompanying adults and swimmers must use the female changing rooms.

Parents of under 8-year olds are advised to keep hold of their child’s changing bag and belongings and meet the children in the relevant changing rooms with the items at the end of the lesson.

Swimmers that are over 8 years olds and adults are advised to keep hold of their belongings and leave them on poolside during the lesson so that they can collect them at the end of their lessons and take them into the changing rooms to get changed by themselves.

Where possible and irrespective of age, children that are able to change themselves are encouraged to do so to help with social distancing within the changing rooms.

Accompanying adults should wear a face covering while in the building if they need to enter

Please show your child how to fix googles onto their face in advance. The swimming teachers are not able to help with googles during this time

We are not be able to lend googles or any personal items to swimmers during this time

Wash your hands thoroughly when you enter and exit the swimming pool area. Hand sanitizer will be available for you to use

Please shower before you come to lessons, showers are not available at this time

Please encourage children to use the toilet before coming to lessons, the toilets will be available for swimmers however access is limited due to social distancing

Upon arrival, full instructions will be given by the poolside manager, please follow these instructions so that we can follow the rules in relation to social distancing

Wet wipes are provided on poolside for swimmers to blow their nose or if they need to cough, along with a bin to dispose of the wipes

Swimming aids such as armbands, woggles will be provided and cleaned in between lessons as per industry guidance. Please feel free to bring your own float board, woggle, if you have them

The viewing gallery space is very limited and not everyone will be able to use this space. We will be prioritizing the use of this space for parents with very young children or people with disabilities. We will let you know if you will be able to watch.

Swimmers are advised not to shake any towels or clothing items within the changing rooms as this could put the virus in the air

General lost property will not be retained. Any items deemed too be valuable will be removed from the pool area and stored for a maximum of two weeks

We are all in this together, if you have any concerns or questions please let us know. We want to get this right first time, but we will continue to learn as we go……


Version 1.2 - issued 31.08.20

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