Name: Suzi

Been a Swimming Teacher for: since 2012

What made you want to be a teacher? I worked in the crèche at the leisure centre and asked if I could assist classes and worked up from there

What’s your favourite skill to teach? I love teaching children to be confident with putting their faces is and breathing underwater

Which stage do you think is the hardest? Stage 5 because it’s a distance jump

Have you got a funny swimming story? I remember when I was about 3/4 and was on holiday, I jumped in the pool, came up and wouldn’t open my eyes so I grabbed my dad round the neck and wiped my eyes. When I opened them I realised it wasn’t my dad, but a very freaked out teenager

Where in the world would you like to swim? I’d love to have an infinity pool somewhere hot

Tell me something interesting about you? I Used to be the child who always held my nose when I swam. I even perfected a one handed handstand, was the only way I could do it!