Terms and Conditions


Please read the following terms and conditions (Ts&Cs) as they are the basis of the contract between you and KickStart Swim Academy (KS). For the purposes of this agreement, ‘You’ includes the person making the booking, the person attending the course, lesson or session and where relevant the parent or guardian.

Bookings and Payments

Our course dates are published on our website. Weekly lessons run for 11-16 consecutive weeks, depending on the school term dates. Intensive lessons (‘crash courses’) run over 5 consecutive days.

Bookings are only confirmed once payment has been received. Payment deadlines will be communicated but are typically half a term in advance for weekly bookings and provided payments are received by the payment deadline, the space will be held to allow current swimmer to rebook. In the event the payment deadline is missed, the space will be released and will be available to be booked by another customer. Intensive courses are bookable and spaces are allocated based on when payments are received.

If a swimmer joins part way through a course, a pro rata payment, relative to the remaining lessons, will be due.

Payments must be made by bank transfer through our online portal which will direct you to our bank account and register your payment against your booking. Cash payments will be accepted for renewals, these payments must be given to the Poolside Supervisor only.


There is a 14 day window after payments have been received for a refund to be requested provided this is more than 14 days before the start of the course. This allows a reasonable opportunity to resell the space. If you wish to cancel a booking for a course after payment has been made, this request must be by email to info@kickstartswimacademy.com and must include the reason for the cancellation.

Refunds will be processed within 14 days of receipt of the email and payment will be made online to the account from which the payment was received less a 10% administration charge.

Once a course has started we are unable to refund payments for missed lessons including for any illness, injury or holidays as we have a commitment, in advance, to the teacher and for group sessions the class will continue. However, if a pupil suffers a serious illness or injury which affects their participation for more than 4 weeks (such as a broken bone or prolonged hospitalisation) we may offer a refund for lessons missed provided you notify us at least 48 hours before the first lesson missed, provide us with a medical note detailing the illness or medical condition and you accept that we may offer the space to another participant; we will endeavour to offer you another suitable slot when you are ready to return.

Refunds will not be given for lessons missed due to adverse weather conditions in your locality if the venue and environment are accessible and the lessons go ahead.

It does sometimes take new swimmers a few lessons to settle into the programme. If after 3 lessons, KickStart feel that it is in the swimmers interests to terminate the course at the current time, the remainder of the course fee will be refunded.

Bookings are non-transferable.

If you have any concerns about a class or teacher, please let the Poolside Supervisor know immediately or alternatively email us at info@kickstartswimacademy.com at the earliest opportunity so that we can resolve your concerns.

Cancellations by KickStart

Classes may be cancelled at short notice if the pool is not fit for teaching purposes.

If for any reason, KickStart are unable to provide a class, a replacement class will be scheduled. Details will be communicated to you, giving at least 7 days’ notice of the replacement class. No refunds will be offered if you are unable to attend the replacement session. In the event it is not possible to arrange a replacement class, a refund for the session will be made within 14 days of the end of the course.

KickStart will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible in the event that a class is cancelled.

If there is insufficient support for a course, we reserve the right to cancel, suspend or postpone a course before the first lesson. We will give you as much notice as possible and we will refund your payment in full if no suitable alternative can be provided. Any liability will be limited to the course payment only.

Medical conditions and Illness

You will be asked to declare any existing medical conditions when you register. Please inform us of any changes to medical conditions, including pregnancy, as soon as you are aware so that reasonable adjustments can be made as necessary.

If you have a contagious illness such as an ear infection, flu, diarrhoea, vomiting, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold, please wait until your doctor has given the all clear for you to swim. In instances of vomiting or diarrhoea you must have been clear of the symptoms for 48 hours before attending a session.

People with symptoms of cryptosporidiosis should not use a swimming pool for 14 days after the symptoms have cleared.

People with athlete’s foot are not allowed in the swimming pool or surrounding area unless their feet are suitable covered.

Verrucae socks must be worn if a person is suffering from verrucae(s).

If you are ill, please inform us at the earliest opportunity so that we can notify the teacher.


We are not able to guarantee a particular instructor for a class or course and instructors may be changed on a temporary or permanent basis once a course has started. We deliver the Swim England framework and all instructors have visibility of progress by pupils through our teacher portal.


Parents or guardians are responsible for children that they bring to lessons from arrival on site, supervision in the changing rooms and in any part of the facility.

You must not leave the pool whilst your child is in the pool. In the event that your child needs to go to the toilet during a lesson, the teacher will ask you to supervise them.

Swimmers must not enter the water until instructed to do so by the instructor.

You are responsible for your child until the teacher collects them at the start of the lesson and you must collect your child, promptly, at the end of the lesson.

Parents and guardians must spectate from the gallery. We do not allow parents or guardians on poolside as it distracts the swimmers.

Please refrain from communicating with or distracting the teacher or lifeguard during lessons.

Children who are not participating, must be supervised at all times.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

We collect the information requested during our sign-up process and any other forms completed for specific reasons that are necessary for your attendance at KSA.

By providing the information to us, you:

  • Give permission for the personal and contact information to be held by KSA for use where necessary to contact you and oversee your safe attendance at KSA.
  • Give permission for your contact email address and or mobile phone number to be used to provide all necessary information for future events, promotions and advertisement purposes relating to KSA.
  • Agree to update KSA should any of the contact or medical information you have provided change and needs updating.
  • Understand that KSA will retain my information until your ‘membership’ has elapsed for one calendar year.

Please let us know if you would like your data permanently deleted from KSA records at any time.


You may not take photographs or video recordings during lessons unless this has been pre-agreed with KickStart Swim School. In addition, consent from everyone who is in the photo or video is required.

Children must not be fed for 1 hour before their lesson (45 mins for milk/fluids).

If your child is not toilet trained, please ensure that they wear a suitable nappy under their swimming costume. Please take all your used nappies away with you. Please do not dispose of them in an open bin on the premises.

Children must all shower and go to the toilet before their lesson.

Long hair must be tied back or a swim cap must be worn.

Goggles may be used but we reserve the right to remove them if they are hindering the swimmer or class.

Shoes must be removed before going on poolside (or overshoes must be worn).

Buggies must not be taken onto poolside.

Any property left outside, in the entrance hall, changing rooms, the spectator gallery or on poolside is at your own risk. Please remove all jewellery before entering the water.

Glass items, crockery and other such items must not be taken onto poolside.

There is a no smoking policy on site and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted.

Dogs are not permitted on the premises nor in the grounds of the school.

All pool rules MUST be followed at all times.

We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time upon reasonable notice to you. Changes will be advertised and made directly to the website.